The McGuire Method

McGuire Method: Acting Meets Business

The Method

Through a unique blend of acting techniques and business narratives, the McGuire Method levels up your storytelling skills; optimizing your story’s emotional underpinnings and showcasing how practice makes (nearly) perfect.


Trainings Tailored to You

Pitch Like a Boss

A foundational workshop for innovators building the next big thing.

Problem: You have a big idea but have to condense it into an elevator pitch.


  • Foundational presentation skills

  • A proven pitch framework

  • Fear-busting techniques

Now you can pitch anyone, anywhere, anytime.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Build a story that intrigues and convinces

  • Create a compelling ask and optimize eye contact

  • Design winning slides

You’ll Take Away:

  • The framework for a killer pitch

  • Tools to pitch your idea and yourself

  • Key confidence-building techniques


Unlock the Secrets of Storytelling

An essential training for creative negotiators.

Problem: You’ve got your foot in the door and need to seal the deal.


  • Negotiation techniques

  • Scenario role play

  • Practical applications

    Now you can seal the deal on your terms.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Transform numbers and stats into a story

  • Create a memorable message through humor

  • Optimize Frequently Asked (and Feared) Questions

You’ll Take Away:

  • The framework for navigating uncomfortable conversations

  • Tools to negotiate from a position of strength

  • Key persuasion techniques


Master the Art of Impact

An in-depth masterclass for leaders driving action.

Problem: You’re a seasoned presenter and are ready to level up your game.


  • Refining your persona

  • Building a leadership story

  • Articulating your vision and roadmap

Now you can use storytelling to drive impact.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Lead through challenging transitional periods

  • Leverage storytelling to craft action-oriented presentations

  • Communicate impact for internal and external alignment

You’ll Take Away:

  • The framework for inspirational persona-building

  • Tools to align messaging from leadership to internships

  • Acting techniques for an award-winning performance


Executive Coaching

As a visionary, your team looks to you for innovation and inspiration. With our one-on-one coaching, you use storytelling to lead as your best self.

Imagine if you had an on-demand coach for each presentation you give.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Build a persona that inspires confidence

  • Align messaging from internship to leadership

  • Optimize uncomfortable conversations

  • Negotiate from a position of strength

You’ll Take Away:

  • The framework for a compelling story to use on any occasion

  • Tools to keep your audience motivated, especially through transition

  • Key public speaking techniques derived from award-winning actors

Method Workshops