Stories of Transformation

A few of our amazing clients on how the Method changed their mindset and business

Lisa Arie - Vista Caballo

 Lisa Arie
Co-Founder, Vista Caballo

“Before Allison, we didn’t have a pitch. We did a LOT of talking. Now we have the confidence to say ONE thing that seems to lands with everyone. Allison disseminated our information in what seemed to be a nanosecond and delivered our pitch. We have been hitting home runs ever since.”

Gene Swank - Propellant Labs

 Gene Swank
Founder, Propellant Labs

"We have over 150 entrepreneurs at Propellant Labs and when Allison presented to them, they were hanging on her every word. She is a master storyteller and provided our cohort with invaluable advice that was easy to digest. Several of the participants started implementing her advice immediately. I highly recommend Allison and her services."

Justin Gordon - JustGoGrind

Justin Gordon
Founder, JustGoGrind

"Allison’s interactive workshop at USC was such a tremendous learning experience. She provided not only tactics and strategies, but a framework we could apply to any situation - pitching investors, telling our story to potential employers, or even selling our ideas to possible co-founders."

Rebecca Batterman - Marketing Consultant

 Rebecca Batterman
Consumer Marketing & Growth Consultant

“Allison’s workshop is a must for anyone looking to get real about their offerings and gain the tools to walk into a room as your strongest self.”

J. Skyler Fernandes - Venture University

J. Skyler Fernandes
Founder & General Partner, Venture University

“Allison provided an amazing in-depth module on presenting, which included everything from slide design to creating a powerful presence. This has become a staple in our curriculum for everyone that goes through our Demo Day.”

Bassam Mahfouz - A2Dominion

 Bassam Mahfouz
Community Investment Manager, A2Dominion Group

“Every year we support a group of budding entrepreneurs. When Allison delivered her workshop, the energy was electric. She injected enthusiasm and confidence into each of our attendees. It was the perfect combination of practical content and clear delivery - its impact was evident and transformational. Everybody loved it and we can’t wait to have Allison back.”

Vida Asiegbu

Vida Asiegbu
Equity Investor, VU Venture Partners

"Having struggled to find my voice, I worked with Allison to prepare for my cohort's VC Demo Day. With Allison's keen attention and honest feedback, I implemented her strategies to confidently articulate my pitch. She made me understand my unique voice does indeed have a place in venture capital."

Sarah Maibach - NYU

Sarah Maibach
Senior Program Manager, NYU

“Allison is an incredible storyteller and educator. Her workshop helped NYU founders communicate their vision, strengthen their pitch, and feel more confident throughout the process.”

Julie Civiello Polier

Julie Civiello Polier
Founder, Shamanic Facials

"My business rose to new heights from my work with Allison and Andrew. My company expanded, grew in abundance, and soared in visibility. I felt I was in such incredible and capable hands. The whole team understood my business so completely and even allowed me to rediscover my offerings in a whole new way with a much savvier and broadened perspective. I attribute reaching my very lofty goals to Allison."