Our Story


Epic Leadership

Our Founder/CEO/Hustler-in-Chief Allison Monaghan McGuire is a serial entrepreneur with a colorful past. A former award-winning actor, she parlayed her storytelling skills into building global brands, raising over $1,000,000, and winning every competition she’s pitched, including BMW’s Future of Mobility Competition, WeWork’s Demo Day, and McDonald’s Innovation in Transportation Challenge.

Dedication to Storytelling

Allison founded the Monaghan McGuire Creative Collective to help founders confidently build their brands through storytelling: creating characters, crafting narratives, memorizing scripts, all at the fraction of the cost of a theatre degree!

Tight-knit Team

Through her experience, she’s built up an amazing team of the best and brightest rockstars in design, tech, and branding, and brings them all together for you through the Collective.