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Allison’s motto: Why sit when you can live on the edge?

Allison’s motto: Why sit when you can live on the edge?

Allison Monaghan McGuire

Allison Monaghan McGuire is the Founder and CEO of Monaghan McGuire and the Walc app. She’s worked as a storytelling professional — from actor to politico to entrepreneur — for over two decades. She is the creator of the McGuire Method, Master the Art of Impact curriculum, Unlock the Secrets of Storytelling program, Pitch Like a Boss workshops, and multiple walking navigation apps.

After winning every pitch competition in which she entered, including those of BMW, WeWork, and McDonald's, Allison realized her background as an actor gave her the skills to create compelling public presentations.

With these learnings, she created the McGuire Method, a storytelling framework that combines acting techniques with business applications to give innovators — from C-Suite executives to sales teams — the skills to present as the best version of themselves.

As a passionate presenter herself, Allison served as a brand ambassador for WeWork and has been featured on television, online, and in print on international media outlets, including Fast Company, The New York Times, the BBC, and FOX 5 News. She’s worked with a variety of companies and organizations such as Bose, WeWork, the City of London, McDonald’s, Douglas Elliman, and Venture University.

Allison has delivered keynote speeches, guest lectured, and presented across the world, including at China's Global Business Innovation Summit, SXSW, Plug & Play, BMW iVentures, NYU, CUNY, Georgetown University, Columbia University, and Pharrell's From One Hand to Another.

Prior to entrepreneurship, Allison managed communications and business development at a company formed by AOL, Cisco, and Yahoo!, Network for Good. Additionally, she worked in communications on national security and human rights issues for the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Foreign Affairs, the U.K. Parliament, National Security Network, and MassEquality.

A former award-winning actress, Allison obtained a degree in Theatre Arts and Political Science from Boston University.

Blank spreadsheets get Natalie excited.

Blank spreadsheets get Natalie excited.

Natalie Neumann

Natalie Neumann is a project management and systems wizard. With a background in design, strategy, and finance, she combines business acumen with design thinking, visualization skills, and her secret sauce -- her “German-ness”. She translates complex information, identifies key highlights, creates comprehensive summaries, and designs seamless systems resulting in actionable strategies and increased operational effectiveness.

For Monaghan McGuire, Natalie builds financial and operational systems to streamline project management and teamwork. At Designity, a virtual design agency, she supervises creative talent and leads technology projects. In her consulting capacities, she develops pitch decks, business finances and growth strategies for female-led startups.

Previously, Natalie co-founded the beverage startup Metabrew for which she invented proprietary superfood drink blends, set up and led the company’s operations and finances, managed the team, and built a wellness lifestyle brand with over 18,000 followers.

In addition, Natalie is an award-winning entrepreneur. She made her way onto the podium at the Harvard Business School pitch competition; won the Victoria Fine Foods pitch competition; was a finalist at the JetBlue BluBud program; and has been interviewed by major publications such as CNBC, Refinery29, and Heritage Radio. She regularly shares her experiences as a mentor and guest lecturer for entrepreneurship at NYU and Parsons.

Now based in NYC, Natalie previously lived in Germany, Spain and Austria, where she built an avalanche rescue device. She also attended high school in the UK, where she filed her first patent at age 17 for an RFID powered, network-based location system.

She is fluent in English, German and Spanish; holds both a MS in Strategic Design & Management from Parsons and a BA in Industrial Design from Bergische Universität Wuppertal.

As you can see, Andrew is really quite friendly.

As you can see, Andrew is really quite friendly.

Andrew De Lange

Andrew De Lange is the lead branding and UX/UI designer at Monaghan McGuire. He excels in all things creative, having worked professionally in various industries, and for clients of all walks of life. Because of his diverse experience, he brings a wide range of design opportunities to the projects he takes on.

Right out of high school Andrew co-founded Poison Carousel, a branding company for local bands and artist in the LA music scene. Since then he’s freelanced for Tool, Rattlehead, Sandbag, the Merch Collective, and other prominent figures in the music industry.

Always looking for something new to learn, Andrew’s career morphed into television and animation design. He’s been a background painter for Disney, Adult Swim, National Geographic, HBO, FOX, and FunnyOrDie. He’s worked for shows including The Simpsons, The Ricky Gervais Show, Rick and Morty, Cosmos, Randy Cunningham, and the Sarah Silverman Program.

Andrew has worked for studios big and small, and is always eager to learn new processes and ways of building ideas from scratch.

Shabrina is punk-rock cool with a unicorn vibe. 🦄

Shabrina is punk-rock cool with a unicorn vibe. 🦄

Shabrina Koeswologito

Shabrina Koeswologito is a storyteller, community builder, traveler, and tech enthusiast. Shabrina started her career at Yahoo! Indonesia as a Sales Strategist in 2012. She also launched and led the Indonesian food community of Zomato, a global restaurant discovery platform backed by Sequoia Capital. Since then, she has worked in startups and multinational companies in the tech and tourism industry (CzechTourism Board) in New York and Indonesia.

Always looking for something new to explore, Shabrina started her first overseas trip in 2001 when she was 11 years old. It was a one-month exchange program in Sweden, reputed to be a tough transition.

After being exposed to 11 different cultures, Shabrina is hooked on travel. Fast forward, her travel site, Slow Travel Story, and stories are published in World Nomads, Jakarta Globe, Thought Catalog, and Thrive Global.

Currently, Shabrina writes about women in tourism and hospitality leadership roles. National Geographic Editor at Large, the Director of Group Sales Marriott International, and Digital Head of the American Museum of Natural History are among the trailblazing women she has interviewed.

Shabrina also self-published a Bali guidebook on Amazon which was ranked #1 in Asian budget guidebook category. Her work has been quoted or featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, and, among other publications.

Shabrina holds an MSc in Tourism Management from New York University.

Elisabeth prefers human interaction to automated emails. (Who knew?!)

Elisabeth prefers human interaction to automated emails. (Who knew?!)

Elisabeth Chambry

Elisabeth Chambry is a marketing expert, passionate relationship builder, and networking pro. After graduating from Lubin School of Business at Pace University in 2015 with a BBA in Marketing, she started her career at Wirecutter, a New York Times company, as a Social Media Producer.

Working only with a small team, Elisabeth was able to dive deep within company verticals, honing her communication, analytical, and technical skills in the process. After Wirecutter was acquired by The New York Times, she quickly moved into a new role building out their publishing partner program. In that position, she successfully doubled revenue for the program, obtaining new partners and leveraging data for current ones.

For Monaghan McGuire, Elisabeth finds creative solutions to grow relationships and offerings. Her unique and personable approach to business development is a breath of fresh air compared to automated emails and impersonal interactions.

Like Allison, Elisabeth also has a passion for the arts. She is a trained actress and loves to work as a background actor in her free time. She has has the pleasure of working on Succession, The Loudest Voice, Blindspot, The Deuce, and more.

Don’t challenge Jake to a game of Monopoly. Seriously.

Don’t challenge Jake to a game of Monopoly. Seriously.

Jake Leonard

Jake is a tenacious problem solver and operational Jedi. He runs operations at Monaghan McGuire and is driven by a hunger to build groundbreaking methods and create efficiencies at every turn.

He gets his entrepreneurial roots from his first side hustle… lawnmowing. When he was 12, Jake was hired to mow a neighbor’s yard. While he was working, another neighbor admired his craftmanship and hired him on the spot. Immediately, he saw the business opportunity. Starting with that one yard in middle school, he grew a small landscaping business that he ran until college.

During his sophomore year of high school, he created a marching band fundraiser and, much to his school’s surprise, sold over 20,000 candy bars. He even maintained the P&L and over 15 years later is still known as the “Candyman.”

Jake applies his cutting-edge skills as the driving force behind the Monaghan McGuire scenes. In his role as operations lead, he combines tactical execution and long-term strategies to keep the team aligned and motivated and ensure the company stays in peak performance mode.

After two years building operations at a transportation tech startup, he was poached into corporate at Volvo and Mack Trucks. Within a year, he led Volvo’s first global summit in Sweden spotlighting the power of telematics and remote technologies. Jake then moved into Volvo Financial Services, where he led a financial underwriting, sales, and client relations team.

As the youngest manager in Volvo Financial’s group of over 200 employees, he and his team broke sales records two years in a row and earned the highest leaderships and engagement scores in the company.

Beyond the boardroom, he’s a former Division I athlete (specializing in throwing heavy and sharp objects), avid runner, and basketball player. He’s also a bookworm and volunteers at Junior Achievement and the Special Olympics.

Jake holds a BA in Economics from Davidson College and is pursuing his MBA at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.