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The Monaghan McGuire Creative Collective gives you the confidence to live in your power.

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Our Story

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Allison Monaghan Mcguire

“My mission is to empower entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs to create and innovate with confidence, passion, and authenticity.”

-Allison Monaghan McGuire, Founder

A former award-winning actress, Allison Monaghan McGuire parlayed her on-stage skills (memorization, taking on a character, rolling on the floor, etc.) into real-life business presentations in the startup and corporate world.

Quickly Allison became a pitching extraordinaire, winning every competition in which she's pitched her startup, Walc. Competitions include: BMW's Future of Mobility; McDonalds Innovation in Transportation; WeWork's Demo Day; Simon Malls Retail Pitch; Plug & Play Summit; NJ Tech Meetup.

After working with entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs across the world, Allison noticed key confidence-building techniques were sorely needed by innovative minds to better present their ideas.

From her workshops, coaching, and presentations, Allison's audience have gone on to build vast social networks, close investments and business deals, implement successful crowdfunding campaigns, nail job interviews, be featured in major TV, print, & digital news publications, and more.

Brands we’ve collaborated with



Pitch Workshops & Coaching

Pitch Like a Boss


Our Pitch Like a Boss workshops empower your team to pitch like a pro. By learning acting skills, you’ll ace your presentation and win. Clients use expertise gained in client and investor pitches, crowdfunding campaigns, media appearances, job interviews, and more.


We work with entrepreneurs to refine pitches for clients, customers, competitions, and investors. By aligning your message with your mission and company goals, you’ll get a compelling, concise pitch.


Technology Development

You’re an expert in what you do. We’re experts in tech. With our powers combined, we work with you and your team to create apps and websites that align with your company goals.

Our three-step process:

1) Assess tech needs: technology audit & recommendations

2) Roadmap product development: plan & prioritize features

3) Build & support: design, development, & product management


Branding & Sales

We work one-on-one with you and your team to build your message and brand, adapt it per audience, and communicate it across channels. We also focus on growth to scale your revenue, target clients, and reach sales goals.

Branding services

  • Launch strategy

  • Messaging creation & refinement

  • Copywriting & content creation

  • Social media content creation & management

  • Email marketing & strategy

  • Experiential marketing

Sales services

  • Revenue growth strategy

  • Inbound & outbound sales tactics

  • Business development & execution

  • Team building

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